Jul 202012
On Not Giving a Fuck and why it is an attractive quality

One of my favorite subreddits is /r/howtonotgiveafuck. I advise you all to subscribe to that subreddit because it really is awesome. I want to make a post now about “Not Giving a Fuck” and why / how it is an extremely attractive quality in a man. But first, this doesn’t mean you can’t be an […]

Jun 182012

I read a great quote somewhere and it goes something like this: If your happiness is dependent on how others react to you, rejection hurts. If you derive happiness from within yourself, rejection doesn’t hurt. Let’s take two hypothetical men. Man 1) He’s at a bar having a great time. He’s really enjoying himself, being […]

Jun 162012

This is in response to themacguffin‘s question on overcoming humiliation. I gave hahaboohoo all my upvotes, but I’d like to add a few things here. Don’t try to ‘reconcile’ with people who don’t like you. Honestly, it’s just not worth it. Someone doesn’t like you, fuck them. They mean nothing to you. Your mentally disturbed relative […]

May 242012

Thanks to Cromulency on our subreddit, he posted links to an 11 part journal series written by a Berkley girl on OkCupid titled, “Dating for Nice Guys”. The posts were a big hit and has some great advice as to why “Nice Guys” just aren’t attracting women romantically and what you need to do to get […]

May 142012

This is in reply to CaptainAlone’s post on feeling lonely while going through self-improvement The truth is, this is something that I am struggling with as well, but it is getting easier as each month goes by and I continue to improve. I really don’t have a solution for this–or if there is one, I […]

Apr 042012

One particular thing that has been holding me back from approaching girls is that I make assumptions about her current status or what she’s thinking depending on the environment and the people she is with. This is no good because how the hell can I actually know? Admit it though, every one of you does […]

Mar 252012

From the Improv Handbook…Keep this in mind the next time you are scared to approach a girl. Children approach playing games, or doing exercises or being given the chance to try something new, very differently from adults. Children approach these situations with one mission, and that mission is to have lots of turns. They sometimes actually […]

Feb 062012

I have noticed a pattern in my line of thinking when I go out and socialize and have a good night vs. a bad night. I categorize a good night as approaching people and others being receptive to me…People approaching me — I’m feeling great, flirting, and asking girls for numbers and getting them. A […]


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