Mar 052017
When a girl tells you "I'm mad at you"

It is actually not uncommon for a girl to tell you the phrase “I’m mad at you” — Is she actually mad at you? Maybe. Maybe not. Whether she is genuinely mad at you or not is not important. What is important is how you react to this statement. For a long time, I never reacted […]

Jun 242015
How to argue with a woman as an alpha male

Couples fight, have disagreements, argue, whatever. It happens and it’s a natural part of relationships. What I never understood was why couples fight so often. If you’re fighting all the time, there is something clearly wrong with the relationship and it should be re-evaluated. Re-evaluate yourself. Are you acting like a bitch? If the fights were […]

May 302013
End of an era

I broke up with my girlfriend on Monday at 4pm. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She was absolutely devastated, saying that she thought I was the one, and that we’d be together for … yeah. The relationship was a great relationship. All solid, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with it […]

Jan 092013
What "You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Be Loved By Others" Means

Guest post by HokumGelpTexas There was a post in r/faimprovement about what that old adage, “You must love yourself before you can be loved by others” means. I responded before hitting the sack only to find the next day that what I wrote really resonated with a lot of people. Here’s the meat of the […]

May 242012

Thanks to Cromulency on our subreddit, he posted links to an 11 part journal series written by a Berkley girl on OkCupid titled, “Dating for Nice Guys”. The posts were a big hit and has some great advice as to why “Nice Guys” just aren’t attracting women romantically and what you need to do to get […]


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