Dec 282014
Advice for Women Part 2: The Female Hamster

See Part 1 here I very much dislike the /r/theredpill. I keep going back and forth on it because there are a few intelligent and well adjusted individuals in The Red Pill subreddit who post valuable content. However, on the whole, the average red pill poster is a socially awkward weirdo. My main problem with […]

Dec 222014
On being the stable presence around women

I haven’t really spoken on the topic of being a stable presence but it is rather important and has implications in all aspects of life. The one thing that annoys me about feminism is that they say, “Feminism is for men too!” — it’s not, actually. Let’s take one common theme they perpetuate: Men should […]

Oct 162014
More evidence that you are in control of being "friendzoned"

I’ve successfully avoided being friendzoned for about two years now. Once I internalized all of the principles that were necessary to be attractive and successful in dating, getting friendzoned just…stopped happening. It’s weird like that. Either something romantic happens or she isn’t even interested in talking to me. Granted, I’ve put girls who have been […]

Jun 122014
The Two Realities of the Classic Forever Alone Nice Guy

I was just asked in Reddit to elaborate on my thoughts about Forever Alones and why they struggle. Here was my response: I can probably talk for hours about my life transformation and all my theories behind it, but I’ll keep it very high level for now. It’s been a while since I wrote about […]


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