Shakedown Method


The Shakedown Method is still evolving as I am learning new things every day. But I have compiled a list of steps that really go from the absolute fundamentals of social skills, mental health, body language, and confidence to more advanced material and theory in social dynamics. And it is totally cool if you take pieces here and there or go off on your own way. I make no claims that my track is perfect. It’s just what worked great for me.

I have read a lot of books and various material and am now organizing it in a step by step structure for what helped me the most and could have the same impact on anyone else who follows this track.

I do not advocate any particular “dating coach” or “guru”, or some book vs. others, etc. Really, everything I’ve learned has been an amalgamation of the best that everyone and everything has to offer. However, I am coming from a perspective of “Forever Alone” — meaning a belief of total helplessness and failure. I understand that, above all else, you need to start changing your mindset and thought processes, while at the same time learning what basic, attractive social interaction is like. So the Shakedown Method is really focused about changing your negative attitude about yourself on a deep, core level, into a positive attitude, all the while obtaining knowledge about how attraction works.

I split the track into two phases. Phase I, the fundamentals, and Phase II, advanced. The fundamentals will lay the groundwork for your self improvement and can take 3-4 months to complete. Phase II builds on what you learned in Phase I and is really the time when you start to become successful. It took me six months to go from never having a girlfriend in my 23 years of life, to having a hot girlfriend. But remember, your success is really only going to be as good as the effort you put in. But never quit. We will always be encouraging in /r/faimprovement. Now you’re going to be reading a lot of books, so I suggest an iPad or Kindle Fire if you don’t already have one!

Phase I – Fundamentals

Phase II – Advanced




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