Welcome to the first step of Phase II – Advanced. Now that you have completed the fundamentals, you should have a foundation for which you can build all of your self improvement. At this point, you may have gotten a girl’s number, or better. If not, don’t worry about it. Keep truckin’ on with Phase II.

Remember to always maintain your physical health.

Phase II is where you begin to really get to see how far down the rabbit hole can go. I have thought long and hard about what books and resources should be here, and just as important, the order in which you read them.

Some goals for Phase II:

  • Be completely at ease with who you are. You can no longer be easily phased or affected by outside, negative influences. You live in your own reality.
  • You see everyone on an equal level. No girl is put on a pedestal at all. You become your best self.
  • Attain a massive amount of knowledge about social dynamics, flirting, story telling, talking to women, and maintaining a relationship. How to conduct yourself in any social environment. Becoming extremely attractive through your personality and conversation.
  • Become a superior man.
  • Understand how the mind of a woman works.

PHASE II will blow your mind. By the time you are done with Phase II, the knowledge that you will have acquired and your inner attitude towards life could be radically different than it is right now. My whole perspective towards people and the world around me is completely changed (in a very good way).

Step 0: The Power of Now

Step 1: Magic Bullets

Step 2: Put it into practice

Step 3: Blueprint Decoded Milestone

Step 4: The Red Queen

Step 5: Understanding the other gender

Step 6: The Way of the Superior Man Milestone



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