Step 3: Blueprint Decoded


Welcome to Step 3. The most important step in all of Phase II. The Blueprint Decoded DVDs probably did more to eliminate my Forever Alone status than any other single product. If you had only one step to choose from in Phase II, the Blueprint Decoded is what you should choose.

What is it? It is 20 hours of lecture by Tyler Durden (whom you remember from The Game). At first, I was reticent to checking out anything that Tyler did because Neil Strauss essentially tore him apart in his book. But always keep an open mind. I heard so many good things about the DVDs that I just had to check it out.

It is 20 hours of Inner Game, confidence, understanding attraction, and most importantly, becoming a natural at who you are as a person. It doesn’t give you routines or canned lines, or any of that. In fact, it throws all of that out the window. It focuses instead on terms like Giving Value vs. Taking Value, and a whole range of social dynamics. Truly fantastic and completely blew my mind.

Problem. The website is shitty and it costs $600. However, if you look hard enough, you probably find a torrent. Now go find it, download it, and be blown away.

Additionally, Tyler (Own is his real name), has a website RSD Nation. He puts up a lot of free footage and Youtube videos with some good content once in a while. Worth checking out for sure.


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