Step 4: The Red Queen


Welcome to Step 4. Hopefully, by now I don’t have to tell you to go out and practice and approach. You are doing it now on your own accord, so there will be no more steps telling you to do that.

For step 4, I want you to read a book called The Red Queen. It is an incredible book discussing the Red Queen theory of evolution. Now there are a few reasons I want you to read this book.

The book is actually a great read, first and foremost. You learn a huge amount about evolution and really interesting things and the great lengths that creatures (and humans) will do in order to attract a mate. Also, the book helps you see women as sexual beings. I noticed a pattern of thinking among many Forever Alones. They believe that women do not like sex, or that it’s some super sacred thing that can only happen under the perfect circumstances. This screen-cap of this comment thread from /r/ForeverAlone underscores my point.

This book helps reverse that line of thinking. You won’t be intimidated by sex with women anymore because you see that they are just as human as you are. They do want it, but they want you to be man enough. Lots of FAs expect women to do all the work. That’s not going to get you very far. Also, the amount of interesting conversation topics you get from this is incredible. You can talk at length for hours about evolution and what men and women seek in each other as viable mates. Women *love* talking about this stuff.





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