Step 5: Understanding the other gender


This [1] book is written by the same people who wrote the body language book in Step 5 of Phase I. So if you enjoyed that read, you will really enjoy this book as well. There are numerous books on the subject though. I found this to be a fascinating read. Additionally, reading this makes for great conversation topics. Women love hearing about the differences between men and women.

It goes into the psychology of each gender and explains why men do certain things and why women do certain things (such as why women love shopping and men don’t). It provides great advice in how to handle various situations (when someone uses emotional blackmail).

The greatest piece of advice I took away from the book is the differences between the way men and women communicate. When men talk, we tend to give advice. Someone comes to you with a problem, it is your natural tendency to help come up with viable solutions. However, when a woman wants to talk about her problems, she actually doesn’t want solutions. She just wants to talk and for you to listen and be empathetic. As males, we find this odd. Why talk about your problems if you aren’t going to seek advice on how to solve them? Women talk to relieve their stress and feel better. When you start giving them advice and telling them what they should do, they feel as if you aren’t listening! Weird, huh? Unless they specifically ask you what they should do, just nod your head and show empathy.

This book is not to be overlooked. The advice in it is truly worthwhile and it’s a fun read as well.


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