Step 6: The Way of the Superior Man


The final, milestone step of The Shakedown Method.

If you watch the show Mad Men on the AMC network, then you are familiar with the character of Don Draper. Don Draper is the embodiment of the book The Way of the Superior Man. This is the perfect book to cap off the conclusion of Phase II – Advanced. It was the inspiration for the post, “Do not seek external validation or approval” where there is an excerpt.

The book often talks about the relationship that you’re in. It’s unlikely that you are in a relationship right now, but do not be dismayed. You need not be in a relationship to become a Superior Man. After reading the book, I actually just felt more manly, more masculine. I definitely felt like I reached a level of being a true man.

After this, you’ve completed Phase II. And really, in my opinion at least, you do not have to read anymore seduction material. I continued reading interesting books and suggested them in Books and Resources, but I consider none of them required beyond the ones you’ve read in the Shakedown Method. You have all the knowledge you need.

At this point. Just go out there, approach, approach, approach. Nothing teaches you more than actually going out and practicing. You know what you need to do. Good luck. And always come back to /r/faimprovement to post your stories.



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