Welcome to Phase I. The hardest part is actually getting started with all of this stuff.

You are here because you no longer want to be forever alone. [1]/r/ForeverAlone is a sad place and many individuals there actually want to be FA. They want to be alone and they want to shut others out of their lives. I find this to be ridiculous. It is natural for people to want to better themselves and be social. I have created this subreddit [2] /r/faimprovement because that is my goal for myself.  YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE

I estimate that it will take about 4-5 months to complete Phase I, but possibly sooner if you go balls out on this. You do have to read 5 books.

There are a few goals that Fundamentals achieves.

  1. Change your mindset away from being Forever Alone to one of hope, potential, and possibilities. To start seeing inside yourself and analyzing the kind of person you are what needs to change. Motivation.
  2. Improve your physical health
  3. Acquire the fundamentals in conversation, social dynamics, and flirting.

Step 0: Physical Health To be done in parallel with all steps

Step 1: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Step 2: How to Talk to Anyone

Step 3: Get Blown Out Milestone

Step 4: The Game

Step 5: Body Language

Step 6: Go Out Again

Step 7: Make Her Chase You

Step 8: Get Her Number! Milestone





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