Step 3: Get Blown Out


This could quite possibly be the most important step. Learn to get rejected and blown out. If you complete step 3, then you have told yourself that you are committed to ending your FA status. If you do not complete step 3, then you’re kidding yourself. You’re setting yourself up for failure. There is no way you’re going to succeed in making friends and meeting girls/guys if you do not learn how to get rejected and not give a fuck. Even if you skip this step and go ahead and read all the books on socializing there is, you still won’t get anywhere. Learn to give 0 fucks.

I learned how to get rejected.

Go get rejected by approaching at least 10 girls in a single night. The size of your balls will increase substantially. And if you’re a girl, approach 10 guys. Approach each person with the intention of getting blown out. Come back here, post what happened and we’ll congratulate you.

This is your first real milestone.


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