Step 7: Make her chase you


The Game from step 4 isn’t really a “Pickup” book. It’s sort of a combined journalism/self-help book, but a great motivator for you to dive into all of this and see what’s possible (as well as the negative side if you take this too far). Make Her Chase You is a really great book to finish off your Phase I. It’s not really long or short and provides some great tips on how to be more attractive to women. The Game was useful in motivating you to approach girls and gave you “highlights” as to what you should do, but it doesn’t really go in depth. This book is a great read and gives very specific advice. If you read The Game, you’ll recognize the author as Herbal.

This book really launched me forward into improving my social interaction with women and laid the groundwork and fundamentals for the more advanced material you will get to in Phase II where real success begins to happen.


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