Step 8: Get a number!


Step 8 is not complete until you approach a girl and get her number. This is another milestone.

Now, you might walk outside your house right after reading this, see a girl on the street and approach and get her number. Nice! You just completed step 8. Congratulations!. Or, it could take you months to complete it. It took me exactly 1 month to complete step 8, but I will never forget it!

And you have to go out constantly — not just once every two weeks. Go out every chance you get so you can complete this step faster.

Once you do get her number, congratulations! Go to the subreddit and tell us all about it! You have 450+ people there waiting to hear your story and now you’ve completed all of Phase I! You got the fundamentals and groundwork laid to begin to up your game in Phase II – Advanced!


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