Feb 042013
Why you are afraid to talk to girls

This was in response to a post in our subreddit. Welcome. I’d like to start off by saying it’s not natural for 99.999% of human beings. This subreddit is not the 0.001%. There are many of us that are just like you, who struggled to communicate and feel comfortable around women. For a good many […]

Nov 262012
What it actually means to "be yourself"

One of the most frustrating pieces of advice to hear from others when you are a struggling Forever Alone is “Be yourself”. We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all cringed when we’ve heard it. Our reaction goes something like this, “Well I’ve been myself my whole life and not a single girl has liked me. […]

Nov 042012
My theories on social anxiety and how to rise above it

The topic of social anxiety comes up frequently when discussing self improvement and becoming a more socialized individual. This is natural of course as social anxiety is a real problem among many men. I used to have it myself. First, what is social anxiety? The definition on Wikipedia is excellent and I highlighted the parts I […]

Sep 242012
Met a stranger on the LIRR who lives in his own reality.

I just returned to DC from a weekend up in New York visiting friends and family. It was a great weekend — made out with a girl, though the story isn’t interesting enough to warrant its own post. Funny how it has become such a “no big deal” thing that I don’t even feel compelled […]

Aug 232012
When out socializing, thinking is the enemy

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but while out with ThoughtTrain and friends, we discussed the problem of thinking. I’ve alluded to the problem of thinking in other posts, but I want to dive deeper into what thinking does to a former Forever Alone while out socializing. As a programmer […]

Jun 182012

I read a great quote somewhere and it goes something like this: If your happiness is dependent on how others react to you, rejection hurts. If you derive happiness from within yourself, rejection doesn’t hurt. Let’s take two hypothetical men. Man 1) He’s at a bar having a great time. He’s really enjoying himself, being […]

Apr 042012

One particular thing that has been holding me back from approaching girls is that I make assumptions about her current status or what she’s thinking depending on the environment and the people she is with. This is no good because how the hell can I actually know? Admit it though, every one of you does […]

Mar 252012

From the Improv Handbook…Keep this in mind the next time you are scared to approach a girl. Children approach playing games, or doing exercises or being given the chance to try something new, very differently from adults. Children approach these situations with one mission, and that mission is to have lots of turns. They sometimes actually […]


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