Sep 132016
On the Use of the 'Miss' Pronoun

As far as I know, the advice I’m about to share in this post is a Shakedown original. If this was posted elsewhere, then it’s purely coincidental, arriving at the same conclusion independently. Before I dive in, I want to briefly comment on my posting frequency. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking why I […]

Feb 182014
Who wants to go first? You do. Volunteer to be first every time.

It’s presentation day. You created your PowerPoint and you’ve prepared everything that you’re going to say. Everyone else is dreading having to get up there to present. Hello class! I’m excited to hear your presentations today…Who wants to go first? You freeze and get that uneasy pit feeling in your stomach. God you hate this […]

Dec 022012
What I would tell my 16 year old self about struggling with women

I made this post in response to ReallyLikes post in our subreddit. You remind me of myself in some aspects. So I’m going to write out this response as if I’m writing to my 16 year old self. You have a number of advantages right now. You’re 16. This is an advantage because you seemed to […]

Nov 222012
You must earn everything. You are entitled to nothing.

Some analog thoughts I have. Not going to post this in /r/faimprovement. It’s 8:18am on Thanksgiving Day. Today, in America, we gather friends and family and give thanks to everything that we have in life. It’s a celebration of life. This is a fact I find most interesting. We are celebrating being alive.. I am most thankful […]

Nov 012012
Stop over-analyzing and become a man of action

Hi again. It’s been a while since my last post. Real life has been exciting. Long hours at work, friends visiting, new hobbies, new books, new apartment studio. Life is amazing and I have no complaints. I’m still dating the girl from this story and it’s going very well. So here’s a long update on the […]

Aug 272012
Went to Virginia Beach as a date to a wedding. A story of abundance.

This story gets complicated so let me summarize briefly a back story of all the girls involved. I’ll give them fake names to protect their identities. Jessica: Very attractive girl whom I set my boss up with. That story can be found here. Jessica and I have bonded and have become very good friends. She […]

Jul 212012
Mindset of a champion vs. the mindset of a forever alone

I was cruising /r/fitness today and came across this thread about videos, movies, and documentaries about fitness and lifting. Obviously, the top rated comment is Pumping Iron. That link to Pumping Iron is the full documentary on Youtube and it is absolutely amazing. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding’s coveted Mr. Olympia competition in 1975. […]


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