May 252014
How to listen to other people tell stories

If I possessed any social skill prior to my self-improvement, it was that I was a polite listener. But for some reason, this absolutely basic social skill eludes many people. People like talking about themselves and they enjoy sharing their stories — especially funny ones. Obviously. Okay, so what? Here’s the problem I’m noticing. Either, […]

Sep 132012
You are not above small talk. Nobody is.

I often see in /r/foreveralone and hear comments from lonely guys who struggle with talking to people and being social say things like: I hate small talk. What’s the point? I want to have deep, meaningful conversations with women. …or heave some other variety of criticisms towards small talk. And then blame your lack of […]

Jun 172012

First and foremost, if you’re talking about your own hobbies and stuff that you’re passionate about, you’ll have more energy, be more confident, and won’t run out of things to say. This is why people suggest “just talk about your hobbies and whatnot”. It is good advice, but I understand why that might be frustrating […]

Jun 122012

This post is in response to this post by detectivejustice. The question is: “How do I stop talking so much? And I also feel the need to constantly correct the girl I’m talking to when she misspeaks.” It’s an interesting question, and my instinctual response is simply to say, “Just don’t talk so much.”, but obviously […]


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