Jan 182014
God and money

Last night I went to my Jewish service here. I mentioned this earlier, but going to your local church or synagogue’s events are great ways to meet girls. But besides that, I have two friends in the choir and last night was a special service. In honor of MLK day, they team up with a […]

May 302013
End of an era

I broke up with my girlfriend on Monday at 4pm. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She was absolutely devastated, saying that she thought I was the one, and that we’d be together for … yeah. The relationship was a great relationship. All solid, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with it […]

Nov 262012
Date ideas in Washington, DC

Hey guys, so I’m going to start a section in this blog where I talk about dating, women, etc, specific to DC.  I’m not going to post this is in /r/faimprovement so it’ll be on the blog only. I was hesitant to post this publicly, but now that I have a girlfriend, I thought I’d share […]


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