Jan 092014
What to say when a girl asks you what your profession is

I have developed some ideas about the importance of what the male’s profession is in the context of dating. Now I might be wrong, but hear me out on this and feel free to leave comments below if you agree or disagree. It is safe to say that the prevailing belief out there is that […]

Jan 062013
On having good social awareness and intuition.

After working on self improvement for a year, social awareness and intuition is still an area I feel like I’m lacking in and trying to get better at. Being socially intuitive doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact on being better with girls or whatever, but it helps indirectly by fostering friendships, being a value giver, […]

Dec 182012
Flirting, part II

I wanted to make another post on flirting since it’s been a while. My style of flirting hasn’t really changed since I embodied it, but it has become a part of me. It’s my natural response to anything. And what’s more, I find myself still flirting with my girlfriend which is equally important. Even though […]

Jul 092012
Went on a date, kiss-close and lessons learned in being non-reactive

Some of you may have noticed that in the last couple months, I don’t really post my stories about getting girls’ numbers. This isn’t for lack of numbers, but the opposite. I get numbers so frequently now that they no longer seem like a big deal anymore and aren’t worth posting. I guess when I […]

Jun 172012

First and foremost, if you’re talking about your own hobbies and stuff that you’re passionate about, you’ll have more energy, be more confident, and won’t run out of things to say. This is why people suggest “just talk about your hobbies and whatnot”. It is good advice, but I understand why that might be frustrating […]

May 272012

I’m going to outline what commonly happens when I have a successful cold approach that results in getting a number or a kiss. Obviously, this is just my style and other people have their own way of doing this. I’m not trying to create an army of former Forever Alones that read my content as […]


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