Oct 082013
How to gain confidence with women

Question from the forum: While reading your post regarding confidence, you mentioned that it stems from trust in oneself. How does one develop that trust then? Practice. In the last two years I’ve approached thousands of people and engaged in practically every conceivable social interaction. While every interaction is different, it almost always follows a […]

Jul 202012
On Not Giving a Fuck and why it is an attractive quality

One of my favorite subreddits is /r/howtonotgiveafuck. I advise you all to subscribe to that subreddit because it really is awesome. I want to make a post now about “Not Giving a Fuck” and why / how it is an extremely attractive quality in a man. But first, this doesn’t mean you can’t be an […]

Jun 232012

Another great theme that is discussed in the Blueprint Decoded is the notion of “giving value” and “taking value”. This is all excellent inner game stuff right here that I’m going to briefly explain. This is not a new or novel concept, but it is extremely important and about time I talk about it. Let’s […]

Feb 062012

I have noticed a pattern in my line of thinking when I go out and socialize and have a good night vs. a bad night. I categorize a good night as approaching people and others being receptive to me…People approaching me — I’m feeling great, flirting, and asking girls for numbers and getting them. A […]


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