Apr 032013
Life as a man with confidence

There’s a common thread in /r/faimprovement about confidence. How to get confidence. What really constitutes true confidence. Etc. As a man who has been on both ends of the spectrum — no confidence vs. tons of confidence, I want to describe how your thought patterns, identity, and mindset change over time as one gains confidence. In […]

Dec 172012
You are your priority. It's okay to be a little selfish.

Since the /r/bestof post, I’ve been receiving many PMs and emails asking for advice on various things. I thought it might be helpful to post my responses here as well. One emailer told me that he has a strong athlete, has a great group of friends, works hard, but is super anxious and nervous when […]

Jul 212012
Mindset of a champion vs. the mindset of a forever alone

I was cruising /r/fitness today and came across this thread about videos, movies, and documentaries about fitness and lifting. Obviously, the top rated comment is Pumping Iron. That link to Pumping Iron is the full documentary on Youtube and it is absolutely amazing. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding’s coveted Mr. Olympia competition in 1975. […]


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