Jan 092014
What to say when a girl asks you what your profession is

I have developed some ideas about the importance of what the male’s profession is in the context of dating. Now I might be wrong, but hear me out on this and feel free to leave comments below if you agree or disagree. It is safe to say that the prevailing belief out there is that […]

Dec 192013
Lilyhammer: Women are food

I began watching a Netflix original series recently called Lilyhammer. It’s not nearly as well known as the other two Netflix original series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards (both also high quality shows), but Lilyhammer is excellent as well. It takes a few episodes to really sink in, so give it […]

Nov 202013
For the uninitiated: Your first night out trying to socialize.

So let’s say this is the first time you’ve been to my blog. You’re a regular cruiser of /r/foreveralone and somehow landed on this page. You’re also going out tonight and have 0 time to read the pages and pages of content. But also, you want to at least try something new that you haven’t done […]


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