Jan 202013
Anna explains what it's like for a person with social anxiety to break out of their comfort zone

Our friend Anna over at www.dating-wtf.com did an AMA in our subreddit. She had some amazing responses, but one of them in particular described what it is like for a person with social anxiety to break out of their comfort zone. I submitted the post to /r/bestof and it blew up. She received four reddit golds […]

Nov 042012
My theories on social anxiety and how to rise above it

The topic of social anxiety comes up frequently when discussing self improvement and becoming a more socialized individual. This is natural of course as social anxiety is a real problem among many men. I used to have it myself. First, what is social anxiety? The definition on Wikipedia is excellent and I highlighted the parts I […]

Oct 022012
Free your mind

I was watching The Matrix the other day, and there’s this scene where Neo is going through a number of training programs. In this one particular training program, Neo must leap from one building to another. Morpheus tries to convince Neo that he can accomplish this seemingly impossible jump with the following quote. You have […]

Sep 242012
Met a stranger on the LIRR who lives in his own reality.

I just returned to DC from a weekend up in New York visiting friends and family. It was a great weekend — made out with a girl, though the story isn’t interesting enough to warrant its own post. Funny how it has become such a “no big deal” thing that I don’t even feel compelled […]


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