Mar 052017
When a girl tells you "I'm mad at you"

It is actually not uncommon for a girl to tell you the phrase “I’m mad at you” — Is she actually mad at you? Maybe. Maybe not. Whether she is genuinely mad at you or not is not important. What is important is how you react to this statement. For a long time, I never reacted […]

Jun 242015
How to argue with a woman as an alpha male

Couples fight, have disagreements, argue, whatever. It happens and it’s a natural part of relationships. What I never understood was why couples fight so often. If you’re fighting all the time, there is something clearly wrong with the relationship and it should be re-evaluated. Re-evaluate yourself. Are you acting like a bitch? If the fights were […]

Dec 222014
On being the stable presence around women

I haven’t really spoken on the topic of being a stable presence but it is rather important and has implications in all aspects of life. The one thing that annoys me about feminism is that they say, “Feminism is for men too!” — it’s not, actually. Let’s take one common theme they perpetuate: Men should […]

Jan 022013
What happens when girls outnumber guys 3 to 1 at a New Years Eve party

Every year my friends and I throw a big New Years Eve bash in New York City. This would be our fourth time doing it, so we’ve accumulated some experience, a few epic stories, and some legends were born as a result. Through some contacts, we secured a 5-story brownstone in Harlem. We were nervous […]

Dec 182012
Flirting, part II

I wanted to make another post on flirting since it’s been a while. My style of flirting hasn’t really changed since I embodied it, but it has become a part of me. It’s my natural response to anything. And what’s more, I find myself still flirting with my girlfriend which is equally important. Even though […]

Dec 172012
You are your priority. It's okay to be a little selfish.

Since the /r/bestof post, I’ve been receiving many PMs and emails asking for advice on various things. I thought it might be helpful to post my responses here as well. One emailer told me that he has a strong athlete, has a great group of friends, works hard, but is super anxious and nervous when […]


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